We take care of human collaborations.

We build IT tools that allow you to focus on the essentials of your business.

To our customers

An IT tool should be simple to create and modify.

There are technologies that allow the rapid creation of tools and ease of evolution. Our Requests service allows you to call on the necessary skills for this, allowing you to focus on business needs and challenges.

An IT tool should be easy to use.

We seek the simplest technical solution to respond effectively to the complexity of your needs. We strive to make the user experience as pleasant as possible, based on feedback from our customers.

An IT tool should be sovereign.

Depending on your needs, we guarantee the ownership of your data and tools. We support you in implementing technical solutions that respect your digital sovereignty.

To our contributors

Work should be consensual.

Our organization requires the consent of each of its contributors for any decision impacting their daily life.

Work should be responsible.

Each contributor is responsible for the quality of their work and its impact on the organization. We require responsibility and autonomy in each individual's work.

Work should be fairly compensated.

We guarantee fair and equitable compensation for each contributor, based on their involvement and expertise.